Knives Dark – Chapter 11 – “Reverie”

The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with quantum computing would revolutionize the world through robotics. Bio-mimicking quantum-digital systems would behave and respond in a manner that was nigh indistinguishable from real people. Artificial labor would eventually come to govern every single aspect of the way we lived, from our food production, to our retail distribution. […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 10 – “Pattern”

Allan had been accepted at an elite institution for college, but he had no idea what that meant. It turned out it meant an overwhelming amount of work and stress. He had absolutely no time for the website he loved so much, the one thing that had gotten him through high school. He made a […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 9 – “Quotient”

Allan sat quietly in the living room of his house, which he utilized as a makeshift studio. On one side of the room was a concert-ready, quad-input Roland power amplifier, a 500 Watt Fender bass combined amp, and a much smaller 100 Watt Fender Mustang tube amplifier. Three mic boom stands pointed dynamic microphones at […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 8 – “Innocence”

In his dreams, he saw her beautiful, innocent face. They’d known each other when they were children. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. She laughed and danced with him, and with her, he felt happiness. When they were tired, they collapsed on the grass in each other’s embrace, foreheads touching. In […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 7 – “Hypocrisy”

As Allan sat alone in the early morning twilight, he contemplated so much of what had happened over the course of his life. There was the unceasing depression, the emptiness that plagued him and left him with zero ability to derive pleasure or enjoyment from anything. There was his organic desire to fall in love, […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 6 – “Arclaud”

In the top room of Golias Tower, situated upon the Cliffes of Arkenaa and overlooking the great Kazenaa Sea, there was a table-like slab resembling a coffin in its dimensions. Ornate bas relief of skulls, ribcages, claws, and teeth were sculpted meticulously into its stone, once white marble, now nearly black with the refuse of […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 5 – “Ideation”

Allan woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. He stared blankly into the darkness, listening to the whir of his room fan. In his mind’s eye, he imagined a gun, a .357 magnum, and a single hollow-point round. He placed the bullet in the magnum’s chamber, spun it, and flicked the gun to lock […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 4 – “Adfector”

Proelium. Contentio. Conatum. Conflictus. (Latin) Jihad. Alnidal. Sirae. (Arabic)  Kampf. (German) Dòuzhēng. (Chinese) Kamf. (Yiddish) Saṅgrāma. (Bangla) Struggle. Contendunt. Contendo. Affecto. Nitor. Annitor. Adnitor. Enitor. Obnitor. Adfector. (Latin) Jahad. Kafih. Aistabsil. (Arabic) Streben. Suchen. Trachten. Eifern. (German) Nǔlì. Fèndòu. Lìtú. Miǎn. (Chinese) Shtrebn. (Yiddish) Strive. *** He stood upon a transparent plane. There was no […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 3 – “Elementary”

Allan and Jim had been friends since high school. They’d reconnected years later, when Jim was working as an assistant lawyer for his father’s firm and Allan needed someone to represent him for a speeding ticket. Ever since then, they’d been meeting up at Bill Gray’s old-fashioned diner on a semi-regular basis to get plates […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 2 – “Descent”

As Allan stood watching over the city bathed in morning light, he reflected upon something that had been on his mind of late. It was the concept, or rather the delusion, of being in love. He’d oscillated between both poles of the emotion before: from the top of cloud nine, where all the world was […]