What beauteous creatures fair nature breeds
Her ample bosom nursing all beasts;
Drawn am I to predatory cats of today
Hidden whilst stalking their prey
They dash out in dazzling array
Beautiful furred blurs, bounding
’til upon their quarry, pouncing
With ferocious fangs, announcing:

I am king of this world’s plane
Master of life’s domain
With solemn, deathly refrain
I free thou from mortal pain
Thy blood upon my mane
Crimson necklace to my name
And as thou life doth drain
From thy sliced arterial vein
Thou shalt see in my glory
Proof of the wondrous unseen
Countless deem but a dream
The best bits of you, I take unto me
Thence I become the best I can be.


twiddledee and tweedledum
couldn’t help but think “what fun”
when again a cat he did not know
crowed for the king’s men to come;

came they did and off they went
whilst the cat did mew, impudent
they combed her fur, pat her head
then “off with you,” they said

little high, little low
miss sweet is mighty slow
to read between words for show
the good intent she does not know

wondering whether weather vanes
give the wind its cardinal names
when wandering wind is naught but games
vainly is the weather vane framed

have you pondered mortality
or are you stuck in reality?
do you see beyond the why
into the dark, cosmic eye?

or are you lost upon the cusp
of bent light’s dying lust
to escape the gravity, pulls it down
with the universe, all around?

little is the time spent here
which most of us hold so dear
no need for mortal drear
nor, please, any fear;

what good are lies when all they buy
convenience in a worthless life?
what good is gold when all is told
and God’s truth at last unfolds?

save yourself for something noble
not such justice most would ogle
but for a diamond cause, stuck in the rough
whose glitter is lost amongst the dust

soda pop bottle cap

sparkles of passion
froths into fizz
soft, soapy safety
washes away quickly
burying remorse completely
no sentimentality
a choice of necessity
from years spent yearning
deep within a dark well
chest-high in frosty waters
hoping for rope
anything to be lowered
as all walked gaily by,
folk who did not bat an eye
good or not
vain by design

so when at last
lovely numbness seeped
into fingers and toes
caressing digits, creeped
into limbs and bone
unfeeling of a coldhearted being
king of a dark throne
with armor obsidian
of pure perseverance
climbed out I
from that hole
only to find
it made me whole.


five years the sycophant
finally free
able to see past
your faux reality

as your mouth moves
I cannot hear
but I feel the air
within my ears

like the soothing sound
of a gentle tide
on a moonlit night
it rushes by
a lullaby

you do not see
the cosmic scene;
in misplaced belief
you perceive
“justice” in your deeds;

my words too
wash over you;
I see plainly
how utterly vainly
you dress up
your disguise of lies

neither of us right nor wrong
each a singer of our own bird song
in such a standing, precisely fair
for love is a selfish affair
we claim to love and wish the best
but true love is but a test
for those who love to love freely
even when it means
to let go completely.

soft metal sunbeam

Pill of lead-headedness
sense of mental deadness
metal dread
a dark mind’s cacophony
sung in soft symphony

Articulate clarity
seeds from memories
emotions deep
buried in life’s creep

when strung, the right chords
water these seeds, sprout
into flowers for a season
Winter’s cold, dark, clout
calls this treason,
ends this flowery garden
without rhyme nor reason

none of your loves
looked your way
now you can
quite safely say
you’ll love them all
nothing’s quite like finding
solace in wont of dying

wanting to confront
death’s shadow upfront
you’ve unshakable faith
this world and this wait
is but a dream
caught in a sunbeam

poem for no one

standing in line
with you by my side
sparkling lights limn
your slim figure in
a silhouette,
lunar eclipse

silken strands dance
in electric winds
between paired wings
of pure potential
your charge sparks
the flow of our current

moonbeam spotlight
on shadowy eyes
darkly caressed by
blue flowing lines
leads my gaze to
deep within you

but all love is
a pleasant fib
metered stanzas
of adoring allegory
takes six steps
to end abruptly

has no substance
quickly forgotten
beautiful lie
a simple faux sin
borne from the wont
to find peace of mind

supermassive red star

a heart that’s
full up
like a trash can
a life that
slowly pulls you
towards emptiness
partners who
slash at
your will to live

they think
they’re so
they think
they’re just
they’re all



a world

God invented

to procreate

and test


let them

and their


die in vain

let all their pains

be released

as disease

such a
haunting expression
such a
hating face
can’t you just
let it phase?
can’t you just
live in peace?

what use is such spite
for those of your kind?
love thy brothers and mothers;
thy fathers and sisters, forever;
they are all privy to
some similar suffering
as me and you

no desert nor distance
no man nor mountain
no ocean nor storm
shall prevent goodness and mercy
from thy good Lord,
in exchange for thy faith and belief;

indeed, no need to preach;
no need to speak nor elate nor pray
no need to congregate on any day
rather ask yourself this, I say
what need my Lord a servant as I?
Indeed, the Lord of All Creation
is free from need and want
A universe to create, for Him is but play
Then man therein
Can easily be scrubbed away

What use for thy fealty doth He gain
When He is Supreme
Thy pennies and gold to charity
Are not to aid God Almighty, nay
But to better thy soul, if you may
By helping thy kin in a way
Thy prayers are similarly
To sanctify thy being
Not for His pleasure-keeping

Yet barter we our prayers
Like business affairs
Exchange our loyalties
For hope of material reality
So vain is our veneer of belief
What good is such gain
If it shall crumble away
To dust upon a day?
Thy end pre-described;
Thou shalt assuredly die;
Then thy soul to rise
With thine own eyes
Witness to thine crimes

Nay, do not pray
Not for good things upon Earth,
Pray that you may
Be blessed
with strength
to survive each day;
Come what hardships and struggles may
Believe you they
Art blessings
from thy Lord
in a myriad ways;
Seek out what thou
can glean
from every tragedy
Thou shalt perceive past life’s seams
To reality’s dream beneath


Gouge my eyes
Tear my hair
Skin me alive
Leave me out
In the sun to dry

Skin scabbed over
Hardened to iron
Blood clotted robes
From refusing to fold

Stoic poker face
Upon heaven’s Jack of all trades
He is God’s Kingly Ace
And through life’s muck he wades
In search of the Queen of Spades

For him she’s saved a spot
In her cemetery’s lot
A freshly dug plot
With a headstone of bleached bones
And a coffin of black volcanic stone

When he arrives
Neither dead nor alive
“Mi amor!” he cries
Gazing unto her deathly eyes
Glowing crimson upon carbide
Sparkling saffron and vermilion
Like sunset upon the horizon
Stippling the ocean

She peers unto his heart’s hole
Therein beats his mortal soul
A hundred carats of carved diamond
Hewn from molten Earth’s mantle

He collapses into her arms, outstretched
And she combs the hair upon his head
“Peace be upon you, my knight,
You have bested your Earthly plight”
With heartfelt relief he sighs,
Her cloak veiling his sight
The day gives in to night.


Untamed sonic youth
Crusader for the truth
Burned black by hope
At the end of life’s rope

Monster in human skin
Few would call their kin
Others settle for little lies
Afraid for the day they die

Lost soul whose life unfolds
In wearied sorrows untold
Loudly grows old
In rackets of rock ‘n roll

Embrace your looming death
Cozy with dirt for your bed
Six feet of solemn penance
For a life that never ends

Fight against darkest delight
Of suicide, with all thy might
Stave off hateful ideation
A trap of sickly elation

Dark road, moonlit night
World limned, silver light
Comfort for an aching soul
Striving to break the mold

Love your human brethren
Build your stairway to heaven
You’re knockin’ on heaven’s door
Don’t let the devil scare you no more

Struggle and endure this life
Melancholy in a smiling guise
Pained stinging of teary eyes
Poisonous thoughts of a troubled mind
Endless song of tormented reprise
Where love is but a smeared lie
And you are hardly alive