Knives Dark – Chapter 9 – “Quotient”

Allan sat quietly in the living room of his house, which he utilized as a makeshift studio. On one side of the room was a concert-ready, quad-input Roland power amplifier, a 500 Watt Fender bass combined amp, and a much smaller 100 Watt Fender Mustang tube amplifier. Three mic boom stands pointed dynamic microphones at […]

Eyes like Coals

There was a man I once knew, with eyes like coals. If men were created as swords are, then he must have been forged in the fiery core of a star by the Godsmith himself. Only that intense pressure and heat could possibly have been enough to temper the material he was cast from into […]

Dear Erica 2

Dear Erica, It sounds like you are in a good and healthy relationship. I am glad to hear things are working out for you on that front. I am sure your husband is a good human being and that his career will take him far. I’m sure you too will find good fortune in your […]

Tomorrow is a Brand New Day Concept 1-0

As Hadrien flitted into consciousness, his automaton companion greeted him from inside his head. “Morning, Hadrien.” “Good morning, Sai.” “Pleasant dreams?” Hadrien thought back to his dreams from that night. Like with many of his dreams, there had been a pervading sense of familiarity and comfort: much of the setting of the dream had been […]

The Kiss Concept 1-0

Her lips clung to his as they gently kissed. Her lips were like the air as it hung motionless with the rays of the evening sun: they were cool and refreshing yet warm; slightly moist like sea-spray as the tide crashed upon the beach sand; momentous and momentary. As her warm flesh clung tenderly to […]

Sapient Intelligences I

SAPIENT INTELLIGENCES It started with the development of what were eventually coined “SIs” — “Sapient Intelligences”. In Elias Duran’s seminal thesis “Search for True Intelligence” (mid 21st century, ~2050), Duran presented his research into the physical limitations of artificial intelligences at the time. His observation was that physical geometry and timing limitations would present a […]

Last Man Standing Concept

I have this idea for a story tentatively titled “Last Man Standing.” It’s about this loser who has no luck with girls and gets cryogenically frozen, not unlike Fry in Futurama. He wakes up in a technologically sophisticated future, but unlike in Futurama, this is a future where males no longer exist because they were […]