Allan Darque – Chapter ONE-0

Allan Darque: sixteen years of age and hardly a day, he sat alone upon the porch of the ranch home where he lived with his parents and two younger brothers. It was night, the AC mounted in his room window hummed. Junebugs, moths, and mosquitoes flitted about, tossing themselves at the outdoor lamps with soft […]

Deepest Desire III – Chapter TWO

Nadine had stalled her car when she was slowing down to take a rest stop. Her car was an aging single-clutch sedan and the battery was dying, so she’d been starting it using a mobile jump-start battery pack. Unfortunately, her mobile battery pack had also died, so she was stuck out here, unable to get […]

Sword of Hearts

Jenny sat before me in a booth an eatery downtown. I didn’t know the name of it — Palmyra’s or Palmero’s or… really, who gives a damn. You know the kind. The middle- and business-class go-to with its immemorable cuisine, the menu that’s a mix of forgettable soups and sandwiches with a healthy heaping of […]

Lux Tenebris 1 – Master and man

1. Master and man I hate people, not because they are evil, but because each of them, they reflect a fragment of the truth about myself. — Hadrian Zephyr, Lord Magnus Arclaud, Seventh Book of Sorrow, “Unyielding Pain” The Master and his disciple approached a plain, weather-worn dojo atop Mottomo Utsukushi Yama. The Master wore […]