Sword of Hearts

Jenny sat before me in a booth an eatery downtown. I didn’t know the name of it — Palmyra’s or Palmero’s or… really, who gives a damn. You know the kind. The middle- and business-class go-to with its immemorable cuisine, the menu that’s a mix of forgettable soups and sandwiches with a healthy heaping of […]

Lux Tenebris 1 – Master and man

1. Master and man I hate people, not because they are evil, but because each of them, they reflect a fragment of the truth about myself. — Hadrian Zephyr, Lord Magnus Arclaud, Seventh Book of Sorrow, “Unyielding Pain” The Master and his disciple approached a plain, weather-worn dojo atop Mottomo Utsukushi Yama. The Master wore […]