Allan Darque – Chapter ONE-0

Allan Darque: sixteen years of age and hardly a day, he sat alone upon the porch of the ranch home where he lived with his parents and two younger brothers. It was night, the AC mounted in his room window hummed. Junebugs, moths, and mosquitoes flitted about, tossing themselves at the outdoor lamps with soft […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 11 – “Reverie”

The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with quantum computing would revolutionize the world through robotics. Bio-mimicking quantum-digital systems would behave and respond in a manner that was nigh indistinguishable from real people. Artificial labor would eventually come to govern every single aspect of the way we lived, from our food production, to our retail distribution. […]

Concept 0-5

Adrien walked up to the doorway of Alice Sterling’s office and gently knocked on her door. “Come in,” came her voice from inside. Adrien opened the door and stepped in, met with the warm fragrance of cinnamon. Alice Sterling sat at her desk, staring intently at her console with occasional glances towards her personal tablet […]

Concept 0-4

Adrien sat alone at a console later that day, mostly trying to get the happenings between Ella-Louise and Vernier out of his head. People were nothing but trouble in general. As much as he loved people, that was the truth. He leaned back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling and sighed. Adrien? S spoke directly […]

Concept 0-3

Ella-Louise vouched for you? S asked rhetorically, more to express his interest to Adrien. As if to grind on Adrien’s nerves, Ella-Louise herself coincidentally turned the corner directly ahead of Adrien, headed straight in his direction. She smiled as soon as she saw him, waving her hand eagerly. And Adrien, of course, instantly dropped all […]

Concept 0-2

It was interesting how the world’s roadways had evolved. Adrien stared upwards at the seemingly unending spacetowers, a colloquialism given to the mega-rise structures that penetrated far past the clouds and the historical “skyscrapers” that ceased to exist beyond the 22nd century. Times had changed. Attitudes had changed. Despite the availability of magstreams and maglev cars, […]

Concept 0-1

The oceans. We all came from them. Maybe that’s why I love floating in the water so much. I wonder if our ancient ancestors, the ones we evolved from, I wonder if they stared at the sun — reached out for it. I wonder if that’s why they escaped from the water onto the land. […]