upon this shadowy path

walk life’s dark hallwayshadowy boxcar of a trainsilver moonlight stackedatwixt venetians, crackeda carpet dark crimsonlike a clotted incisionin its veins a faint beatslight lukewarm heatlike a body dead, decayingits edges worn and frayingthis life’s linear pathwaylimned by light at death’s gateheaven’s inevitable shimmersurrender to its golden glimmerwalk towards your lonely gravealone, full of love all […]

yume no yume (dream of dreams)

one soundless daythe wind danced and swayedthe flowers, they prayedI drifted away upon a breezethe scent of serenitytranscending eternitygently compelled me nobody knowsto where does it goI sought to followmy soul so hollow shed all your weightthe burden of hatesurrender to fatedon’t dare to wait a single breathis life from deathno need to dreadyou’re already […]

grave mind

Somewhere in the deep dark infinite labyrinth maze of a grave mind mess of a troubled life lies a light within reach weathers any storm reliable beacon for forever and more by this light all the time: a bard strums a tune upon a charred guitar burnt from lost wars around the light lies gravestones […]

god given

traipse freely what was once complex emulsified by an abstract mind a dream machine words come quickly no one else can find for wont to live forever inside a beautiful mind their world is sin land of filth and kin beasts wallow in let them be free to find their misery find no comfort in […]


there’s a girl I know from long ago we’re not in touch but I’m still in love though she’s just a mem oh ree the bittersweet taste of remem ber ring her·face~ helps·me·get·by~ so·I·survive~ not knowing if I will see my beautiful love walking down the street doesn’t·mean·much·to·me I’ve always got her mem oh ree […]


pained expression like sharp shards of glass peeling paint chips vacant eyes white hollow ice ready to be crushed in the throes of the world’s boas and serpents who know weakness when they see it with their slit eyes but ice they mistake for weakness they’ll realize is unmeltable diamond forged in the crux of […]

don’t even know

you turn your back to another day the setting sun doesn’t hurt so much you find the dark more comforting than light and all the worlds invented by humans seem like flower lilies floating on a turbid ocean you could walk on them but then you’d only sink with the rest of the best what […]