Winter’s Calm

No reprieve for the tormentedNot ’til their lives have endedWalk this plane asking whenNo answer for them Cling they to sad life’s lovePraying for light aboveLike pure white dovesWithout flight, hover Every turn of EarthHighlights the dearthOf chivalry’s worthThe need for rebirth Like bare trees come springSun’s warmth doth bringA chance to again beginThey spread […]

upon this shadowy path

walk life’s dark hallwayshadowy boxcar of a trainsilver moonlight stackedatwixt venetians, crackeda carpet dark crimsonlike a clotted incisionin its veins a faint beatslight lukewarm heatlike a body dead, decayingits edges worn and frayingthis life’s linear pathwaylimned by light at death’s gateheaven’s inevitable shimmersurrender to its golden glimmerwalk towards your lonely gravealone, full of love all […]

grave mind

Somewhere in the deep dark infinite labyrinth maze of a grave mind mess of a troubled life lies a light out of reach weathers any storm reliable beacon for souls lost evermore at its side all the time: a singer strums a tune upon a charred guitar of fires of long-lost wars around the light […]

lights in the sky

sparkles of passion that once were fizz of repeatedly steeling against all feeling burying remorse completely foregoing sentimentality a choice borne of necessity from years spent yearning deep within a dark well chest-deep in frosty waters hoping for humanity to lower the rope but all walked gaily by, inhumane folk who did not bat an […]

mortal heresy

five years the sycophant finally to be free able to see past faux reality your mouth moves but all I hear compression of air upon my ears like the soothing sound of a gentle moonlit tide on a starlit night the lines on your face eyes glowing anger spouting words of vitriol in callous haphazard […]

soft metal sunbeam

Pill of lead-headedness sense of mental deadness metal dread can’t stop your mind’s cacophony gentle rain’s soft symphony memories of emotion sprout like plants of a season growing without rhyme nor reason after a scorched earth campaign they’re a welcome sight again none of your loves looked your way now you can safely to say […]