Shattered Fragment 0.2

Did I leave her or did she leave me? It’s the same either way. She didn’t show up. I waited for an hour, lighting one cigarette after another. But I didn’t really smoke them… I just stood there, holding those lit cigarettes, taking drags sparsely, until they burned themselves out and turned to ash. The […]

One and all

“A man needs only to love God, and in loving Him shall love all his fellow man.” Serathanos twirled the flower gently between his thumb and index finger, the petals blurring together into a wonderfully vivid display. Serrellious nodded quietly as he watched the sunset’s horizon, its marvelous hues and shades matching perfectly the twirling […]

Tides of Fate

It is a statement. A value-less statement. And that’s the truth of it. What better way to make a statement than to stake the entirety of your livelihood and comfort of life? Sure, you may go unheard. People may not care. Your statement, in physical terms, has little worth or value. But at the end […]

Stupid Questions

“Doesn’t any of it matter to you?” He shrugged. “The only thing that matters is…” He turned so his back was towards her. “Living with everything I’ve got until I die.” He started walking forward, glancing behind him to see if she was following. She stood rooted to her spot. He stopped, turning his face […]

Soul Savior

out in the wilderness / lone wolves are howling all singing for their mistress the moon you’re far more / appealing and ethereal I’m mesmerized by the look in your eyes chorus: and the night slips down by darkened pines the distant mountains all twilight lined the landscape melds with the melting sky while our […]

Tides of Fate – Aside 2

“You’re doing terrible on all your exams…terrible. Don’t you study at all?” He wore his usual partially dazed expression and made no answer. “Well? You can’t hope to pass if you don’t study.” The man flipped through numerous papers, each streaked with red marks and circled low figures at the tops – 23%, 17%, 11%, […]

Tides of Fate – Aside 1

In the distant horizon, out upon the seas, a┬ástorm rages. On a darkened beach stands a figure in raiments of tattered ebon. Waves crash upon a cliff-face nearby, the wind howls inconsolably overhead; trees and boughs bend and bow to the God of All Worlds. The man kneels before a gathering cloudfront, flurries of saltwater […]

Silver Silhouettes

Silver silhouettes surround me Empty hearts so barren uncaring All I need is to just keep moving All I want is to just keep believing No more wishing for childish dreams No more waiting for people to see Vases full of stagnant waters Dessicated roses sighing Petals scattered upon the floor Have no meaning anymore […]