you’re all scratched up polyvinyl chloride warm, soft static as the pin drops and the wheel turns at a thirty-three and a third for long play you’re here to stay but how you wish to be done running in circles

Sword of Hearts

Jenny sat before me in a booth an eatery downtown. I didn’t know the name of it — Palmyra’s or Palmero’s or… really, who gives a damn. You know the kind. The middle- and business-class go-to with its immemorable cuisine, the menu that’s a mix of forgettable soups and sandwiches with a healthy heaping of […]

Music is dead

the whole human race has lost all its face all we do and call significant bears no worth in any scheme of meaning; it’s all made up as fictitious as we claim to be real This is all fiction, And reality lies in the realm of the imaginary. But the horrors, They are true The […]

Luzcielo 0

Situated at the base of Mt. Paradyme is the sprawling and thriving municipality of Luzcielo. Its founding citizens had originally established a village nearby the banks of the crystal waters of the river Repentier, but within a few short years, had relocated a safer distance from it on account of springtime natural disasters, when melting […]