Deepest Desire III – Chapter TWO

Nadine had stalled her car when she was slowing down to take a rest stop. Her car was an aging single-clutch sedan and the battery was dying, so she’d been starting it using a mobile jump-start battery pack. Unfortunately, her mobile battery pack had also died, so she was stuck out here, unable to get […]

Mage Knight 1

Eventually, Master Isanori let Hadrian and Itagami go, and the two cautiously walked just out of arm’s reach. Ayame and Anjela both followed close behind. “Say, where are we going?” Itagami queried as they drew near the woods that encompassed the school grounds. “Weren’t we supposed to have an assessment match?” Anjela said, half in […]

Beyond the Moon and Stars 2 – Hey meow

2. Hey meow Fiora led the way with Commander Stryker following closely behind. Very closely. “Lieutenant.” “Yes, Commander?” “Permission to slap your ass?” “Permission denied.” Stryker stuck to just watching and wondering. They arrived at Cristafiora’s room. There, seated in a very catlike perch atop Fiora’s bed was… A cat-lady. She was stunning, to say […]

Gingerbread Woman

She’s the Sweetest thing around She smells of Cinnamon Tastes like Peppermint And has the Sweetest Candy smile She’s my Gingerbread woman And she can’t Run away Cus I’m her Gingerbread man And we go running Hand in hand Screamin Can’t catch us We’re the gingerbread clan!

Snogging Zombies 0

(scrapped concept piece) Anjelica DuValle stood at the corner of Seventh and Monroe, one street-crossing away from campus. It was a pleasant spring morning with temperatures in the high 60s and a playful spring breeze that tousled at budding trees and at Anjelica’s short, bouncy,┬áblonde curls. An attractive pearly-white hairpin shaped like a flower clung […]