Love Lost

The empty chair across the hall By the window: the rhododendron petals gone. Nails bare upon the wall Pristine drywall where frames belong. Leaves mourn in the scent of fall Every day to droop away Melt back into the ground To remind us… none are here to stay.

Darkness Garden

A myriad of romantic sighs All die Quiet and unheard In dark rooms where the light seldom shines There the quiet gardeners keep Flowers that bloom drinking moonbeams The fruit of fragile dreams. The gentle night air stirs Their fragrant petals and scent In the distance the sound of life Feasts regaling in the breaking […]

Your Words

Your words are like the sound of leaves in the autumn breeze as they touch down upon the ground in the silence of twilight, in the outdoors out among the sycamores. Your silence is like the tinkling of water beneath ice sheets in a frozen winter retreat, cracking open my consciousness and freezing  my breathing, leaving […]

Ice Maiden

Her cold ice-lips beckon No escape for souls so stricken By diseased self-reflection: Contemplative imprisonment Heightened disillusionment Her breath vapourizes upon my eyes A fog so blinding all I see is my demise In her pale-blue lips and crystal skin That alluring silence is surely Heaven’s requiem

Stars Beneath the Sun

All the good men lie‘twixt fragments of shells and muddy clayin trenches of redwhere vultures do play;their blood runs deepthrough city sewers,over paved roads ,across mountaintops —where the sun smiles bright. As its warmth retreats to night,the receding evening light and hanging vapours of dusk mark the forever dying breaths of the stars beneath the sun.

no requiem for quiet dreams

sitting, sulking subconsciously slithering teeming masses of hatred piling; no requiem for quiet dreams worlds destroyed scattered ashes flying collapsed buildings smattering scorched earth no grass no trees no requiem for quiet dreams psalms sung for fallen gods praises rung for people gone masses held in quiet reflection no burial for the forgotten few no […]

Silver Silhouettes

Silver silhouettes surround me Empty hearts so barren uncaring All I need is to just keep moving All I want is to just keep believing No more wishing for childish dreams No more waiting for people to see Vases full of stagnant waters Dessicated roses sighing Petals scattered upon the floor Have no meaning anymore […]

Snogging Zombies 0

(scrapped concept piece) Anjelica DuValle stood at the corner of Seventh and Monroe, one street-crossing away from campus. It was a pleasant spring morning with temperatures in the high 60s and a playful spring breeze that tousled at budding trees and at Anjelica’s short, bouncy, blonde curls. An attractive pearly-white hairpin shaped like a flower clung […]

Concept 0-4

Adrien sat alone at a console later that day, mostly trying to get the happenings between Ella-Louise and Vernier out of his head. People were nothing but trouble in general. As much as he loved people, that was the truth. He leaned back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling and sighed. Adrien? S spoke directly […]