spectral edge

spectral sword killing edge lies cast aside gleaming ‘neath sun and moonlight still has faith it will be called again some day not with hate but with certainty of its fate: so patiently it awaits that gray day when blood boils and it may fulfill its purpose once more.

as if you do (not) exist

sometimes the most beautiful gift is to not be heard as you weep alone in the front seat of your own car with the stereo turned up and the windows rolled down so that the rain outside gets inside and makes half of you wet while the other side is dry and everyone outside just […]


a myriad words could be written across a million lifetimes of suffering and still a single heartbeat would outlive all those muffled cries such is the nature of hell eternities of suffering burned into a single moment


watches from the side wishes to be inside circles of people all smiling laugh- ing but can’t seem to touch any- thing that’s re a l is it all so meaning- less like the way these words are spaced about? is it all so very random like all the ways I have to say I love […]

worth it.

stymied and shot to hell no confidence in oneself how can I be so how am I just so helpless? still you’re the only one worth dreaming of still you’re the only face worth wanting to embrace still you’re the only soul who makes me feel whole who makes this misery worth it.

monument immortal

one day I will fade away and the earth will be but ash but my words for you will still stand: monument to your everlasting brilliance testament to your infinite radiance little else can I give but the guarantee of your worldly immortality

Before My Eyes

if only I believed that paradise was in this life instead of far off: past the pensive moon and glittering galaxies; before the first stars and time’s touch; if only I believed that paradise did not lie beyond the dark around us all then you would be the paradise before my eyes.