Knives Dark – Chapter 1 – “A thesis for God”

Outside, the morning September air was crisp, the sky vermilion hued with the fiery glow of sunrise. Allan Darque opened the garage door to his mansion situated in the countryside just outside the suburbs of the city of Rochester in upstate New York. He looked at his two sports cars, a black Honda Civic Type-R […]

upon this shadowy path

walk life’s dark hallwayshadowy boxcar of a trainsilver moonlight stackedatwixt venetians, crackeda carpet dark crimsonlike a clotted incisionin its veins a faint beatslight lukewarm heatlike a body dead, decayingits edges worn and frayingthis life’s linear pathwaylimned by light at death’s gateheaven’s inevitable shimmersurrender to its golden glimmerwalk towards your lonely gravealone, full of love all […]

I love you more than this world – Chapter 1, Part 0

Dedicated to the women I have fallen in love with and continue to love. You may never understand how I feel. Despite us being strangers, you have afforded me tremendous patience. All of you mean more than the world to me. I wish you and your spouses the happiness you deserve, and more. Hadrian Solmnus […]

Game of Life

They played a game of Go on 23×23 grid in a quiet chamber whose walls glowed iridescent and from whose ceiling an artificial sun cast soft warmth over everything. “It’s interesting,” VAR-1026 commented as he placed a black piece on the board. “Of 6.24 quintillion simulated universes I’ve executed that gave rise to intelligent life, […]

SIALE Concept 0-1

My last memory of my biological parents was from the mid-70s of the late 23rd century. At the time, I lived in a small apartment with my mother and father in the up-and-growing city of Orange Coast. The political tension was palpable, taking the form of hush-hush discussions between my father and his colleagues late […]

Four Minute Nightmare

His mind reminded him of her regularly. They had had nothing together, certainly nothing resembling a relationship. Still, his subconscious manifested her as a symbol of a multitude of multifaceted desires: she was a glittering diamond in his mind, each cut intended to refract some light of want within himself he would rather bury in […]