Knives Dark – Chapter 5 – “Adfector”

Proelium. Contentio. Conatum. Conflictus. (Latin) Jihad. Alnidal. Sirae. (Arabic)  Kampf. (German) Dòuzhēng. (Chinese) Kamf. (Yiddish) Saṅgrāma. (Bangla) Struggle. Contendunt. Contendo. Affecto. Nitor. Annitor. Adnitor. Enitor. Obnitor. Adfector. (Latin) Jahad. Kafih. Aistabsil. (Arabic) Streben. Suchen. Trachten. Eifern. (German) Nǔlì. Fèndòu. Lìtú. Miǎn. (Chinese) Shtrebn. (Yiddish) Strive. *** He stood upon a transparent plane. There was no […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 4 – “Elementary”

Allan and Jim had been friends since high school. They’d reconnected years later, when Jim was working as an assistant lawyer for his father’s firm and Allan needed someone to represent him for a speeding ticket. Ever since then, they’d been meeting up at Bill Gray’s old-fashioned diner on a semi-regular basis to get plates […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 3 – “Descent”

As Allan stood watching over the city bathed in morning light, he reflected upon something that had been on his mind of late. It was the concept, or rather the delusion, of being in love. He’d oscillated between both poles of the emotion before: from the top of cloud nine, where all the world was […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 2 – “Cold Diamond”

Allan felt the pleasure course through his biceps, triceps, traps, shoulders, and upper back as he pulled down on the cable cross machine in the gym at work. He clenched his teeth as sweat absorbed into his neon green Nike headband, pulling the lower weight in a downward punching motion but not keeping count. Reps, […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 1 – “A thesis for God”

Outside, the morning September air was crisp, the sky vermilion hued with the fiery glow of sunrise. Allan Darque opened the garage door to his mansion situated in the countryside just outside the suburbs of the city of Rochester in upstate New York. He looked at his two sports cars, a black Honda Civic Type-R […]

upon this shadowy path

walk life’s dark hallwayshadowy boxcar of a trainsilver moonlight stackedatwixt venetians, crackeda carpet dark crimsonlike a clotted incisionin its veins a faint beatslight lukewarm heatlike a body dead, decayingits edges worn and frayingthis life’s linear pathwaylimned by light at death’s gateheaven’s inevitable shimmersurrender to its golden glimmerwalk towards your lonely gravealone, full of love all […]