Heart Cage

Cadaver of a container
For a yet-beating heart
Lacking all notation
For sentiment therein
All that flows from its lips
Choked whispers
All that streams from its eyes
Carmine droplets

In fire it finds friendship
Warmth that openly burns
Where most would turn and run
The cadaver happily yearns
To join ashes in the urn

Towards knifeā€™s tender touch
The cadaver expresses lust
Steely love for glinting allure
Pierces the cadaver’s core
To taste the soul laid there

What worth are men and friends
When such humans at hearts rend?
What good are brides and grooms
In a world where no flowers bloom?
The machine of man marches forward
When was its soul consumed?
Beings rambunctious, repugnant
Coveting flaws, laws, and perfumes
Trodding callously upon those beneath
With little remorse and no reprieve
For true people who struggle to believe
Such life could not simply be

To such cadavers with hearts inside
Who see with glassy eyes
The teeming bodies and heartless lives
Of humans in love with earthly lies
Tell me, tell me
Who is a zombie
And who is alive?

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