amber – have you heard?

bokeh about a beautiful face
once seen in a forgotten dream
glacier eyes pierce like ice
crystal clarity impales your gaze
the world blurs into haze;

her face encased in photographic amber
fossilized resin for all to adore
you see but cannot reach
there’s nothing you want more;

try to pry yourself away
300 milligrams deludes your heart to stay
nothing worth living for anyways;
600 milligrams makes you strong
unable to escape, you write her a song;

empty bottles line the hall
at 4 am your guitar seems to call
its beckoning strings glistening:
one grand for a recording stand
three days on three hours sleep
spastic fingers skewing the beat
looping over four simple chords
insomniac brain blending words
in dyslexic Myxomatosis
one take is all it takes
to seal your twisted fate
like a broken vinyl it plays
the verses get worse with age

with every turn the words burn
300 micrograms to make them new
then your brain starts to loop too;
600 micrograms to try and escape
this God-forsaken hell you’ve made:

as time stops, space bends in place
in your fear you perceive a sphere
into its clear metal depths you peer
therein you see not heaven
but Lucifer’s throne which beckons

Was your fate preordained
To eternity in that seventh plane?
Despite this life’s torment and pain
Have you only earned God’s ire
And the reward of hellfire?

Vomit up an ocean of crimson
Spanning horizon to horizon
Not blood but all the medicine
You downed just to cope
With your lack of hope
Only to be condemned
With weakness as your sin

Too easy to be cold,
Too easy to not care,
Too easy to grow old
Claiming life is unfair;

you could live that half life
but you’d rather love life
instead of Amber you marry
amber of the love you buried

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