Emma – zero

Your sweet perfumegraces the roomlong before my wicked fumesdoth exhumeyour glittering beautyfrom amongst the flumesof people throbbingheads gaily bobbingloudly robbingin plain sightyour light at night In your sweet eyesI realizelike cake left overI wish to diewith your sweet knifecutting inside Your maiden name can erase my painwith purityseldom seen I want to find, in your […]

Deepest Desire III – Chapter TWO

Nadine had stalled her car when she was slowing down to take a rest stop. Her car was an aging single-clutch sedan and the battery was dying, so she’d been starting it using a mobile jump-start battery pack. Unfortunately, her mobile battery pack had also died, so she was stuck out here, unable to get […]

A momentary traipse through darkness

Proelium. Contentio. Conatum. Conflictus. (Latin)Jihad. Alnidal. Sirae. (Arabic)Kampf. (German)Dòuzhēng. (Chinese)Kamf. (Yiddish)Saṅgrāma. (Bangla) Struggle. Contendunt. Contendo. Affecto. Nitor. Annitor. Adnitor. Enitor. Obnitor. Adfector. (Latin)Jahad. Kafih. Aistabsil. (Arabic)Streben. Suchen. Trachten. Eifern. (German)Nǔlì. Fèndòu. Lìtú. Miǎn. (Chinese)Shtrebn. (Yiddish) Strive. *** He stood upon a transparent plane. There was no land below; he was surrounded in all directions by clouds blooming vermillion, lavender, and rose hues, lit by a perpetual sunset. The […]

amber – have you heard?

bokeh about a beautiful faceonce seen in a forgotten dreamglacier eyes pierce like icecrystal clarity impales your gazethe world blurs into haze; her face encased in photographic amberfossilized resin for all to adoreyou see but cannot reachthere’s nothing you want more; try to pry yourself away300 milligrams deludes your heart to staynothing worth living for […]


What beauteous creatures fair nature breedsHer ample bosom nursing all beasts;Drawn am I to predatory cats of todayHidden whilst stalking their preyThey dash out in dazzling arrayBeautiful furred blurs, bounding’til upon their quarry, pouncingWith ferocious fangs, announcing: I am king of this world’s planeMaster of life’s domainWith solemn, deathly refrainI free thou from mortal painThy […]