supermassive red star

a heart that’s
full up
like a trash can
a life that
slowly pulls you
towards emptiness
partners who
slash at
your will to live

they think
they’re so
they think
they’re just
they’re all



a world

God invented

to procreate

and test


let them

and their


die in vain

let all their pains

be released

as disease

such a
haunting expression
such a
hating face
can’t you just
let it phase?
can’t you just
live in peace?

what use is such spite
for those of your kind?
love thy brothers and mothers;
thy fathers and sisters, forever;
they are all privy to
some similar suffering
as me and you

no desert nor distance
no man nor mountain
no ocean nor storm
shall prevent goodness and mercy
from thy good Lord,
in exchange for thy faith and belief;

indeed, no need to preach;
no need to speak nor elate nor pray
no need to congregate on any day
rather ask yourself this, I say
what need my Lord a servant as I?
Indeed, the Lord of All Creation
is free from need and want
A universe to create, for Him is but play
Then man therein
Can easily be scrubbed away

What use for thy fealty doth He gain
When He is Supreme
Thy pennies and gold to charity
Are not to aid God Almighty, nay
But to better thy soul, if you may
By helping thy kin in a way
Thy prayers are similarly
To sanctify thy being
Not for His pleasure-keeping

Yet barter we our prayers
Like business affairs
Exchange our loyalties
For hope of material reality
So vain is our veneer of belief
What good is such gain
If it shall crumble away
To dust upon a day?
Thy end pre-described;
Thou shalt assuredly die;
Then thy soul to rise
With thine own eyes
Witness to thine crimes

Nay, do not pray
Not for good things upon Earth,
Pray that you may
Be blessed
with strength
to survive each day;
Come what hardships and struggles may
Believe you they
Art blessings
from thy Lord
in a myriad ways;
Seek out what thou
can glean
from every tragedy
Thou shalt perceive past life’s seams
To reality’s dream beneath