Gouge my eyes
Tear my hair
Skin me alive
Leave me out
In the sun to dry

Skin scabbed over
Hardened to iron
Blood clotted robes
From refusing to fold

Stoic poker face
God’s Jack of all trades
Heaven’s Kingly Ace
Through life’s muck he wades
Seeking the Queen of spades

For him she’s saved a spot
In a freshly dug plot
Headstone of bleached bones
Coffin of volcanic stone
In her cemetery’s lot

When he arrives
Not dead nor alive
“Mi amor!” He cries
Gazing unto deathly eyes

Red with crimson
Saffron, vermilion
Sunset on the horizon
Stippling the ocean

She peers unto his heart’s hole
Therein is his soul
Encaged in diamond
Refractive hewn beauty
Whose facets sparkle purity

He collapses into her arms, outstretched
As she combs the hair on his head
“Peace be upon you, my knight,
You have bested your Earthly plight”
With heartfelt relief he sighs,
Her cloak veiling his sight
As day gives in to night.

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