Untamed sonic youth
Crusader for the truth
Burned black by hope
At the end of life’s rope

Monster in human skin
Few would call their kin
Others settle for little lies
Afraid for the day they die

Lost soul whose life unfolds
In wearied sorrows untold
Loudly grows old
In rackets of rock ‘n roll

Embrace your looming death
Cozy with dirt for your bed
Six feet of solemn penance
For a life that never ends

Fight against darkest delight
Of suicide, with all thy might
Stave off hateful ideation
A trap of sickly elation

Dark road, moonlit night
World limned, silver light
Comfort for an aching soul
Striving to break the mold

Love your human brethren
Build your stairway to heaven
You’re knockin’ on heaven’s door
Don’t let the devil scare you no more

Struggle and endure this life
Melancholy in a smiling guise
Pained stinging of teary eyes
Poisonous thoughts of a troubled mind
Endless song of tormented reprise
Where love is but a smeared lie
And you are hardly alive

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