soda pop bottle cap

sparkles of passion froths into fizz soft, soapy safety washes away quickly burying remorse completely no sentimentality a choice of necessity from years spent yearning deep within a dark well chest-high in frosty waters hoping for rope anything to be lowered as all walked gaily by, folk who did not bat an eye good or […]


five years the sycophant finally free able to see past your faux reality as your mouth moves I cannot hear but I feel the air within my ears like the soothing sound of a gentle tide on a moonlit night it rushes by a lullaby you do not see the cosmic scene; in misplaced belief […]

soft metal sunbeam

Pill of lead-headedness sense of mental deadness metal dread a dark mind’s cacophony sung in soft symphony Articulate clarity seeds from memories emotions deep buried in life’s creep when strung, the right chords water these seeds, sprout into flowers for a season Winter’s cold, dark, clout calls this treason, ends this flowery garden without rhyme […]

poem for no one

standing in line with you by my side sparkling lights limn your slim figure in a silhouette, lunar eclipse silken strands dance in electric winds between paired wings of pure potential your charge sparks the flow of our current moonbeam spotlight on shadowy eyes darkly caressed by blue flowing lines leads my gaze to deep […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 11 – “Reverie”

The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with quantum computing would revolutionize the world through robotics. Bio-mimicking quantum-digital systems would behave and respond in a manner that was nigh indistinguishable from real people. Artificial labor would eventually come to govern every single aspect of the way we lived, from our food production, to our retail distribution. […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 10 – “Pattern”

Allan had been accepted at an elite institution for college, but he had no idea what that meant. It turned out it meant an overwhelming amount of work and stress. He had absolutely no time for the website he loved so much, the one thing that had gotten him through high school. He made a […]

Knives Dark – Chapter 9 – “Quotient”

Allan sat quietly in the living room of his house, which he utilized as a makeshift studio. On one side of the room was a concert-ready, quad-input Roland power amplifier, a 500 Watt Fender bass combined amp, and a much smaller 100 Watt Fender Mustang tube amplifier. Three mic boom stands pointed dynamic microphones at […]