Game of Life

They played a game of Go on 23×23 grid in a quiet chamber whose walls glowed iridescent and from whose ceiling an artificial sun cast soft warmth over everything. “It’s interesting,” VAR-1026 commented as he placed a black piece on the board. “Of 6.24 quintillion simulated universes I’ve executed that gave rise to intelligent life, […]

SIALE Concept 0-1

My last memory of my biological parents was from the mid-70s of the late 23rd century. At the time, I lived in a small apartment with my mother and father in the up-and-growing city of Orange Coast. The political tension was palpable, taking the form of hush-hush discussions between my father and his colleagues late […]

Four Minute Nightmare

His mind reminded him of her regularly. They had had nothing together, certainly nothing resembling a relationship. Still, his subconscious manifested her as a symbol of a multitude of multifaceted desires: she was a glittering diamond in his mind, each cut intended to refract some light of want within himself he would rather bury in […]


An ocean lay before him. Not physical, but virtual: in all directions, he could make out the brilliant sparkle of sun upon crests of waves, birds gliding freely upon thermals. That wide-open horizon frightened him for the lack of any definite end or reality, but far more, it excited him, tantalizing him with that fervor […]