Portrait of a Portrait

His hair was long and oily, curling slightly upwards at their ends in an open rebellion against gravity which mirrored the expression that had been etched into his face over years of defying what others condoned as common sense. His choice in clothing indicated a preference of holding onto comfortable, well-worn items: his faded olive […]

Eyes like Coals

There was a man I once knew, with eyes like coals. If men were created as swords are, then he must have been forged in the fiery core of a star by the Godsmith himself. Only that intense pressure and heat could possibly have been enough to temper the material he was cast from into […]

Dear Erica 2

Dear Erica, It sounds like you are in a good and healthy relationship. I am glad to hear things are working out for you on that front. I am sure your husband is a good human being and that his career will take him far. I’m sure you too will find good fortune in your […]

Dear Erica 1

Dear Everett, “Whoa.” That’s all I can think. The intensity of your thoughts is ridiculous. I can’t match your prose at all. When we met and exchanged addresses, I imagined it’d amount to something lighthearted. “Hey, what’s up. How’s it going. Yeah, I’m married now. No kids yet. Decent job in HR at some big […]

Dear Erica 0

Dear Erica, It has been so long. We have both grown and matured in our own ways, yet as I write, my heart is aflutter as though I am a youth once more. I vividly recall that spring eve of our first kiss, walking along the canal beneath the dimming twilight whilst the pink cherry […]

Tomorrow is a Brand New Day Concept 1-0

As Hadrien flitted into consciousness, his automaton companion greeted him from inside his head. “Morning, Hadrien.” “Good morning, Sai.” “Pleasant dreams?” Hadrien thought back to his dreams from that night. Like with many of his dreams, there had been a pervading sense of familiarity and comfort: much of the setting of the dream had been […]

Lux Tenebris Concept 0-1

It was the evening hour at which light was giving fast to night and the sky was a canvas of faintly sparkling twilight streaked with gentle shades of maroon and mauve. It was during these dimming hours of dusk, before the trio of Doctor Hirsch, Deputy Von Galle, and Elliot Verner had arrived at the […]

Lux Tenebris Concept 0-0

The full spring moon shone bright upon the Ridley farmstead, some two miles beyond the outskirts of the town of Raleigh. With the farm animals in their stables, asleep, the only noise came from insects and creatures of the night, and these too chose to be quiet. There was only the light, occasional chirping or […]