grave mind

Somewhere in the deep dark infinite labyrinth maze of a grave mind mess of a troubled life lies a light out of reach weathers any storm reliable beacon for souls lost evermore at its side all the time: a singer strums a tune upon a charred guitar of fires of long-lost wars around the light […]

Nothing Worth Begetting

There was only a hatred, deep down. It wanted to escape… it wanted to be unleashed. It wanted to see the world burn, to watch blood pour. It would get satisfaction from surviving in a world where the sight of dead was commonality. On days like today, he could feel that burning, bubbling, rising sensation […]

lights in the sky

sparkles of passion that once were fizz of repeatedly steeling against all feeling burying remorse completely foregoing sentimentality a choice borne of necessity from years spent yearning deep within a dark well chest-deep in frosty waters hoping for humanity to lower the rope but all walked gaily by, inhumane folk who did not bat an […]

mortal heresy

five years the sycophant finally to be free able to see past faux reality your mouth moves but all I hear compression of air upon my ears like the soothing sound of a gentle moonlit tide on a starlit night the lines on your face eyes glowing anger spouting words of vitriol in callous haphazard […]