I hate how idly you live by, I hate how you let your cohorts to die; I hate how you slime and sleaze, I hate how little you believe; I hate the way you smell, I hate how you justify this hell, I hate how you cling to believing simply living itself has meaning when […]


I will murder you all Eviscerate you Make your corpses as statues Immortalized for the world to see, The emptiness of your souls bared As cavities from whence your guts were wrenched; The true malodorous dark of your insides Spilt over concrete as decoration and confetti. The Sanity of Dontaniam Admanntio

god given

traipse freely what was once complex emulsified by an abstract mind a dream machine words come quickly no one else can find for wont to live forever inside a beautiful mind their world is sin land of filth and kin beasts wallow in let them be free to find their misery find no comfort in […]