“I don’t completely fathom my own reasoning or motivations behind a lot of things I do.” “For the most part, I try not to think.” “I’ve found I get more done by being pure action and impulse and letting the invisible currents of the universe guide me to my destiny.” “My movement is like the […]

midsummer night’s dream

fantasy ecstasy delusion is reality all the world does turn to dreamy thoughts of hope but none of it is true so what’s a man to do? fantasy ecstasy delusion that’s reality the emptiness inside is swept aside with love but all we do is hide slyly veil who we are fantasies of ecstasy delusional […]

Here’s not paradise

And no one knows Where the road goes Only what The good Lord shows And some are led down paths of light while others swept in shadowy plight But all the glamour and all the gold amounts to nothing our souls can hold Whether left astray or led alright We’re all in the fray of […]

C of my i

my love for you is like the oceans and moon: I wax and I wane and I sink and I swoon in cyclic wave-motions led by imaginary notions phasic upon the complex plane but ever am I radial to you the magnitude of my position remains absolutely in tune with the center of my world […]

black fig

just call me angel of death gabriel just call me sword to sever rafael rend flesh and bone and sinew mikail cut ties with men of nooses azrael just help me to hollow myself for thee help me to be all I can be