drowning softly

soft tendrils of mist curling in a valley behind mountains green all I can think is thoughts of you suddenly those tendrils pull me into an ocean of blue deep beneath the melodies of gently rolling waves all I hear is my love for you


sliding narrow escape through a singularity gate black hole space stretches about time trailing behind your soul feels the clout smiling your stomach in aches cancerous grumbling of pain you ignore every day walking though your feet are so sore there remains ever more you must live for

soft cold

ticking away the minutes on another day watching your life fade away but you’re okay you haven’t done anything you’ve wanted to but that’s alright you realize life means little to you people live and die clinging to warm delusional memories and fantasies of pasts and futures untrue they try to justify their lives in […]

nothing but nothing’s something

and no one will know the hells you have been through the virtual suffering you have endured they clamor loudly that their own pains and sufferings exceed your own while you quietly understand no one’s solemn endurance outweighs another’s; til the end of days when their feet and hands are shackled in chains; you do […]