drowning softly

soft tendrils of mist curling in a valley behind mountains green all I can think is thoughts of you suddenly those tendrils pull me into an ocean of blue deep beneath the melodies of gently rolling waves all I hear is my love for you


slidingnarrow escapethrough asingularity gate black holespace stretches abouttime trailing behindyour soul feels the clout smilingyour stomach in achescancerous grumbling of painyou ignore every day walkingthough your feet are so sorethere remains so much moreyou must yet live for

soft cold

ticking awaythe minuteson another daywatching your lifefade awaybut you’re okayyou haven’t doneanythingyou’ve wanted tobut that’s alrightyou realizelife means little to you people live and dieclinging towarm delusionalmemoriesand fantasiesof pasts and futures untrue they try tojustifytheir lives in their mindsbut all they dois mystifylife’s truths with veiled lies it’s another dayin the land of manwhere freedom’s […]