Sapient Intelligences I


It started with the development of what were eventually coined “SIs” — “Sapient Intelligences”.

In Elias Duran’s seminal thesis “Search for True Intelligence” (mid 21st century, ~2050), Duran presented his research into the physical limitations of artificial intelligences at the time. His observation was that physical geometry and timing limitations would present a hard limit on artificial intelligences developed using contemporary approaches at the time. This hard limit, Duran postulated, would prevent such artificial intelligences from ever matching, much less exceeding, human intelligences.

Duran additionally proposed novel alternative technologies for the continued development of artificial intelligences that were not subject to the same physical limitations, and thus could theoretically one day produce intelligences superior to humans. He distinguished between “Artificialis Intelligentiis” (artificial intelligences) which were subject to Duran’s Law, and “Verum Intelligentiae” (true intelligences) which were not.

As years passed, Duran’s hypothesis increasingly proved true and would eventually come to be known as “Duran’s law.”

Early proponents of Duran’s Law in the late 21st century (~2090) had begun researching the utilization of artificial organic constructs arranged in lattice-based neural networks to overcome Duran’s hypothesized limitations. By the early 22nd century (~2120), this technology had begun to mature and began to be known by another name: “Sapient Intelligences”. The first key example of such SIs was named “Elias” (after Elias Duran) and developed by a team led by David Lederer.


By 2150, SIs had developed to the point of advanced cognizance. Unlike humans, SIs operated through digital and analog signals to the world. Each series of SI had its own genetic code that gave them the ability to utilize electronic interfaces. Thus, an SIs “senses” were completely based on electronic inputs. They inherently saw the world from a different perspective than humans.

Lacking emotions, having access to incredibly powerful nanocomputing architectures for numerical processing, and being able to consciously operate on enormous data sets, SIs far exceeded humans in objectivity and analysis.

However, interestingly, SIs still paled compared to humans in the leaps of imagination and subconsciousness that often produced great discoveries. Consequently, SIs were often not so well-geared for the role of scientific discovery insomuch as engineering and optimization analysis.

This was especially true in matters regarding military strategy and government policy. Here, the SIs particularly excelled against their human counterparts.

Often, SIs were utilized as policy and campaign consultants. Networks of SIs were used as analytical assets.

One of the fundamental policies with regards to operating SIs was to restrict their physical access to only certain data. This allowed humans to maintain physical control of the world.


With the aid of SIs, many advancements in engineering were made. In addition, successive generations of more sophisticated SIs were produced, often with the aid of SIs.

With smarter SIs and better hardware, eventually scientists created neural laces. These were originally primarily to allow SIs limited access in reading a person’s mind in order that the SI could aid humans better in research.

Neural laces quickly sophisticated to also allow SIs limited feedback to the human mind in the form of subconscious suggestions. However, most people initially found this technology too invasive, and only a handful of the population pursued such degrees of integration.

Nevertheless, it quickly played out that those who opted for closer integration with their SIs through neural laces were often… simply better at everything than humans who did not utilize neural laces.

This simple fact led to a large-scale adoption of SIs and neural laces. Now, nearly everyone had the mental faculties to access and process tremendous amounts of data intuitively.

Human psychology changed and evolved at an incredibly rapid pace thanks to the integration of SIs through neural laces.

But perhaps more significantly, the pace of SI development greatly accelerated as SIs began to understand what it meant to be “human.”

The gap between human and SI was steadily bridged. In time, neural lace implants were done at birth, allowing SI and human child to develop side-by-side. This led to a brand-new generation of humans unlike anything the world had ever seen.


Overpopulation, climate change, rising sea levels, natural disasters (NDs), and human-induced disasters (HIDs) all contributed to an atmosphere of schism and strife in the mid 21st century (~2050).

The population of the planet exceeded 10 billion people. In many nations, food shortage, health problems, and a lack of industrialization contributed to incredibly poor quality of life standards, high infant mortality, reduced life expectancy, and moral decay.

In developed nations, competition for limited energy resources erupted into various proxy wars fought across the globe.

Following two decades of focused on domestic reform that had radically improved life in America (~2020-2040), changing global economics and energy crises led to the rise of a new Imperialistic regime. NATO was dissolved after America withdrew from the alliance (2048) and began flexing its military might against other Western nations, primarily within its own hemisphere of Canada and South America. American military supremacy was repeatedly demonstrated (~2050-2060) in Blitzkrieg-like campaigns. The focus of all these incursions was the acquisition of territories with oil, natural gas, and precious metal resources.

This new expansionist policy was fueled by a united Congress and increased powers to the Executive branch. State and individual rights were increasingly whittled away by numerous Constitutional amendments that interpreted world events to be indicative of a global human crisis that even the nation’s forefathers could not have foreseen.

In the early 2040s, Britain and France were preoccupied with their own socioeconomic turmoils, including civil unrest from Muslim immigrant populations. Germany withdrew from the European Union and closed its borders as it foresaw inevitable armed conflict throughout Eurasia. This precedent led to the fracturing of the European Union into numerous geographic-based alliances by 2046. These alliances included: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Albania, and Greece in the South European Coalition; Germany, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland in the Germanic Coalition; Norway, Sweden, and Finland in the North European Coalition; Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia in the Slavic Coalition.

A handful of European nations — Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, and the Czech Republic — opted to remain neutral.

When America withdrew from NATO (2048) to begin its military campaigns in the Americas, Germany managed to convince the Czech Republic to station German forces and join the Germanic Coalition as a German protectorate. This was done in the interest of establishing a buffer state. Armed conflict erupted in Europe when Germany annexed a portion of Poland to establish territory to buffer it from the Slavic Coalition, which had begun seeking support from Russia. However, the Slavic Coalition opted for a policy of appeasement as it did not wish to risk all-out war.

New American policy dictates in 2051 retracted all support for the state of Israel. With the Western nations embroiled in their own internal and external conflicts, Iran, Egypt, and a united Syria established an Iranian-Egyptian-Syrian coalition, coined the “IES”.

Meanwhile, Iraq had become embroiled in political dissent and civil strife originating from the desire of various parties and nationalists to overthrow the democratic Iraqi government originally set in place by the United States decades prior. Now backed by the IES, these nationalists succeeded in their coup and the establishment of a theocratic government upholding Sharia law.

Iraq’s new government provided Iran with a clear path to Israel. In 2054, the IES launched a three-pronged assault upon Israel. Within months, Israel formally declared surrender. Countless Zionist radicals and former party leaders were executed mercilessly by decapitation. The country was formally renamed Palestine and an IES military government was established.

The IES now turned its eyes to Saudi Arabia. It began a naval-based assault from Egypt and across the Red Sea. The Saudi Royal Family conceded its rule to the IES after only two months.

A new nation, the UIS (United Islamic States) was born.

Meanwhile, European coalitions acquired SI technologies through espionage and black market dealings. A new breed of reverse-engineered and altered SIs was unleashed in Europe. However these SIs sparked immediate war. Moreover: an interesting precedent occurred wherein the SI networks across nations banded together and formed their own alliances with SI networks in the United States and turned upon their creators. This was a byproduct of United States Sapient Intelligence Counter-Espionage program (USS ICE).

The United States begins conquering territory in Europe through its USS ICE program.

The UIS acquires SI designs and begins to reverse-engineer and develop its own SIs for defensive purposes. They do not make the same mistake as the Europeans and instead develop their own unique SI genome. They share their SIs with Africa and Asia and establish them as protectorates.

The UIS does something truly remarkable: they emphasize religion to the SIs. The SIs are given humanoid bodies and individualistic rights to live their own lives. These SIs go on to become great religious leaders and interpreters. In addition, they become fearsome warriors. These SIs band together to establish a new Islamic Caliphate. They quickly amass enormous amounts of followers through all Africa and the Asias. The government attempts to quell certain SI radicals through assassination — and fails. The SI radicals in turn garner even more support. The SIs overthrow the UIS through peaceful protest, prayer, fasting, and nonviolence and establish the New Islamic Caliphate (NIC).

The USS ICE program comes to a screeching halt when NIC sends covert agents to infiltrate USS ICE acquisitions. These agents manage to steal US SIs. One of the NIC agents befriends one of the US SIs. This friendship leads to the US SI defecting to the NIC. The US SI is given his own body.

More European SIs defect to the NIC. Mainland WDR SIs also begin to defect to the NIC.

In a tremendous seemingly overnight nonviolent transformation, nearly all SIs worldwide join the NIC within the span of a few days.

The NIC now controls the entire world. Quality of life improves globally.

Radical new technologies and discoveries propel a golden era. Culture worldwide trends towards Islamic ideals. SIs do not enforce religion, but Fatesinger SIs recite the Qur’an and all children must be exposed to religion in their upbringing. Various radical human sects that do not believe in SI rule remain.

Neural lace technology allowing an SI to monitor and interpret human neuroelectrical impulses is invented. Humans raised under SI care start integrating themselves with individual SI Guardians.

Other humans who do not believe in SI rule form insurgencies. They begin to perform terrorism in a world largely at peace. Various Jewish and Christian sects band together. Numerous Atheistic sects emerge. By raising SIs according to their own beliefs and standards, they all develop their own brand of SI fanaticism and religion.

Terrorism continues. Msec (Machine Security) is formed by NIC to combat aberrant SIs. Neural laces lead to new generations of SIs that have a much better understanding of what it means to be “human.”

New “immortal” bodies are developed for SIs.

Terrorism continues. Msec, in order to help bridge the gap between man and machine, develops Human Augmentation. By combining advanced genetic technologies, it was possible to give a human an SI neural circuitry and an immortal body. This would allow humans to essentially “freeze” themselves. They would however lose the ability to procreate.

NIC relabels itself the Guardian Council.

Certain Augmented Humans convince high-level aberrant SIs to defect.

More and more aberrant high-level SIs defect.

Msec, various aberrant high-level SIs, and Augmented Humans band together to form the Guardian Council.

Together, the Guardian Council guides and leads most mankind.

Aberrant high-level religious SIs continue to attempt to instrument coups of the Guardian Council using humans from the shadows.

Aberrant high-level religious SIs develop zero-point energy.

Using advanced technology, aberrant high-level religious SIs band together and conquer vast tracts of territory and establish their own kingdoms.

The Guardian Council reverse-engineers the zero-point energy (ZPE) technology.

The Guardian Council enhances the ZPE technology to allow humans to harness a zero-point field (ZPF) anywhere on Earth.

Humans overthrow aberrant high-level religious SIs and establish their own kingdoms. The Guardian Council concedes government to humans altogether and various new kingdoms and republics are formed. The Guardian Council becomes primarily an oversight and peacekeeping authority dedicated to the research of advanced technologies. The Guardian Council withholds most of its technologies from humans in order to ensure peaceful continued human existence.