Sapient Intelligences I

SAPIENT INTELLIGENCES It started with the development of what were eventually coined “SIs” — “Sapient Intelligences”. In Elias Duran’s seminal thesis “Search for True Intelligence” (mid 21st century, ~2050), Duran presented his research into the physical limitations of artificial intelligences at the time. His observation was that physical geometry and timing limitations would present a […]

Tournam Arctura Lore – Magic IV

Aura strengths dissipate according to functions of proportionality dependent on distance. There are a few general formulae for calculating the strength of a mage’s aura at a particular distance; however, every mage exhibits unique, individual manifestations of these functions depending on countless variables, ranging from emotion, focus, time of day, weather, type of magic being […]

Br (ache) up

“So that’s it?” she asked, her countenance cold, yet hurt; her eyes angled downwards, as if following the downward spiral of the present into the future. He watched her closely, but in his heart, he knew her mind was made up. It really didn’t matter what he did; she had already chosen a particular reality, […]

Sirens to the Hospital

verse: let the blood drip dow~n the drain the pai~n is what keeps you sane le~ave the knife by your bedside to com~fort you through~ the night chorus: nobody’s there to ho~ld you no one to tell you it’s okay they say you’re cra~zy you say they’re sane insane verse: their wo~rds stick like fun~gus […]

quiet road

driving alone on a quiet road to past the edge of space and time from here all people have lived and died in less than the blink of a shadowy eye and here it is I finally find the truth I sought all my life and though you know what it is you have sown […]