Sun Song

VERSE:Deep withinThe wildernessWhere skies areCrystal clear Sits the sun on theHorizonWhile birds flyFree of fear CHORUS:At night the moonDoes alightThis virgin landFree of man The wolves howlAnimal dreamsWhile owls watchThis cosmic scene VERSE:Then ten-thousandyears passes byIn the blinkOf a shadowy eye MankindMakes his markLeaves the earthScorched and scarred CHORUS:At night the moonDoes alightThis virgin landFree […]

Sword of Hearts

Jenny sat before me in a booth an eatery downtown. I didn’t know the name of it — Palmyra’s or Palmero’s or… really, who gives a damn. You know the kind. The middle- and business-class go-to with its immemorable cuisine, the menu that’s a mix of forgettable soups and sandwiches with a healthy heaping of […]

sore feet

bedsheets not quite right socks with holes your soles exposed jacket of smoke reminds you of home: a cold floor in a room that has no door; old mattress with pillows rough beds your distress makes you tough; a flickering light out in the hall the only comfort you have at all; a toilet that […]

empty words

tall trees shedding leaves gray skies pouring tears crimson horizons bleeding dreams little children crying fears falling apart at the seams distant mountains crumbling down my clothing torn and worn with no hand to hold but my own no warmth to feel but steel Nothing here nor there No future worth a care Make the […]