Sun Song

VERSE: Deep within The wilderness Where skies are Crystal clear Sits the sun on the Horizon While birds fly Free of fear CHORUS: At night the moon Does alight This virgin land Free of man The wolves howl Animal dreams While owls watch This cosmic scene VERSE: Then ten-thousand years Pass by In the blink […]

Sword of Hearts

Jenny sat before me in a booth an eatery downtown. I didn’t know the name of it — Palmyra’s or Palmero’s or… really, who gives a damn. You know the kind. The middle- and business-class go-to with its immemorable cuisine, the menu that’s a mix of forgettable soups and sandwiches with a healthy heaping of […]

sore feet

bedsheets not quite on right socks with holes leave your soles exposed jackets that smell of smoke remind you more of home than the warmth inside; a cold floor an old mattress pillows with no fluff a flickering lamp in the hall a toilet that flushes wrong and a room lit with a single bulb […]

empty words

tall trees shedding leaves gray skies pouring tears crimson horizons bleeding dreams little children crying fears falling apart at the seams distant mountains crumbling down my clothing torn and worn with no hand to hold but my own no warmth to feel but steel Nothing here nor there No future worth a care Make the […]