Music is dead

the whole human race has lost all its face all we do and call significant bears no worth in any scheme of meaning; it’s all made up as fictitious as we claim to be real This is all fiction, And reality lies in the realm of the imaginary. But the horrors, They are true The […]

dark introvert

she spoke with sun shining in her eyes sparkling blue oceans of paradise a voice like a singing breeze made me at ease but now she’s become just a memory of a far flung time out of reach at the edge of the universe of an introvert darkness despondence and ringing despair in the air […]

We spoke of what wasn’t when 0

From the boardroom of Arcent Tower, Jay Arclaud looked out over the sprawling infrastructure of Endham City below. It was just past six, and the sun was preparing to set by painting the sky with streaks of brilliant vermilion. In the distance, vast storm clouds hovered ominously over the rolling hills and suburban municipalities surrounding […]