As his skin began to peel and was pulled off by the machine’s forces, he felt no pain. He watched as the particles floating off his body diffused into the atmosphere, where they disintegrated seemingly into nothingness. He felt no fear, no sense of anxiety as all this happened. Those sentiments he had already experienced […]

Hyper Dimension Fighters – Roster

Maria Emeralda (Super Maria) (Mario) — Super Maria was born in Brooklyn during the Hyper Depression of the 22nd Century. She inherited her father’s red “Mariacaster” Guitar (after which she was named after). Her father was a hard-working plumber named Marius Ludwig. Her mother was supposedly a princess from a far-off land, and though Maria […]

Night 0

In this world, magic exists. A swordsman appeared before the magisterial army. Standing alone, the sunset horizon at his back blazed a brilliant vermilion while a crimson moon gazed on from overhead. He was an ethereal silhouette to whose visage clung shadows as though he wore a mask of unearthly darkness. It must exist for […]