Mage Knight 1

Eventually, Master Isanori let Hadrian and Itagami go, and the two cautiously walked just out of arm’s reach. Ayame and Anjela both followed close behind. “Say, where are we going?” Itagami queried as they drew near the woods that encompassed the school grounds. “Weren’t we supposed to have an assessment match?” Anjela said, half in […]

Mage Knight 0

In the square center of the academy’s campus were scattered about numerous small groups of four each. These were the first-year students who were getting introduced to the rest of their teammates for that year, and would soon meet their respective Masters. Team S, one of the seven teams assembled about the square, was comprised […]

Luzcielo 0

Situated at the base of Mt. Paradyme is the sprawling and thriving municipality of Luzcielo. Its founding citizens had originally established a village nearby the banks of the crystal waters of the river Repentier, but within a few short years, had relocated a safer distance from it on account of springtime natural disasters, when melting […]

The Man and His Shadow

“Sometimes, we must let go.” Master Izen’s word’s echoed audibly, though he was alone and no one else was around. He stood on a rocky outcropping atop a hill, overlooking the cliffs of Chastermear. A procession of torches was making their way along the tortuous road through the trees that led to a narrow path […]

Z-Man 0: Zero Hour

0. Zero Hour He was insufferable. He knew that now. Tired of his family, he had abandoned them. Tired of him, his friends had abandoned him. He had no girlfriend. No spouse. No one he loved, and no one in turn who loved him. He was all alone in the world… It was just, he […]

Entatem, zeralithin

He stumbled forward. The world shifted between blurry and crystal clear, in perfect synchronicity with his consciousness. As the world grew blurry, he would seemingly lose consciousness, and reality would leap forward until things regained focus. Yet, it was clear that he remained coherent during these blackouts: in fact, he had an almost eerie sense […]

Veritas Sonefeline

“Adrian! It’s so good to see you!” Her smile was genuine. I could tell right away — it’d been years since we’d seen each other, but I knew right away. I knew because when we’d been together, I’d mostly only seen her fake smile. The warm charade she uses to keep you attached, but at […]


Swept up in a star-scraped sadness, where most of the universe is darkness, a blank canvas — Just want the noise to stop, the endless trips to the pharmacy, the empty people feeding the emptiness with what nothing they perceive about anything, Shouldn’t all their blood be spilt upon the streets, shouldn’t the world be […]