His Master threw him into the vortex of the lake. Immediately the water swirled and gurgled about him, pulling him down. He fought against it, his Master’s words mostly drowned out by the rushing water all about: “D- — fi–t i-.” All about the pool began to appear the faces of people he once knew: […]

Dearly Beloved

My dearly beloved, Where have you gone? With every note, I recall: a reality with you there, So why is it for my temporary tenure here, I have no memory of you by my side? Nothing but empty faces and memorable nightmares: Of passerby who do not care and to whom I extend the same […]

Visceral Decay

Where has the world gone? It’s been murdered, gutted, and consumed by wild beasts known as men. The visceral remains are eaten at by multiplying maggots, the putrid stench of decay in the air. Flies buzz about happily; here they are comfortable. They create societies upon the decaying earth, comfortable in their own putrid filth, […]

Tenebris Igni

He felt nothing as he murdered the men of the traveling caravan. The bandits he’d been traveling with had found him sleeping beneath a cherry tree. Dehydrated and starving, he’d somehow managed to kill five of their lot as they attempted to rob him, relying entirely on reflexes. They were slow, unskilled; he was fast, […]

Burning Vision

There was a pain in his chest that refused to go away. A weariness in his bones that seemed to worsen with every step. A cold burning sensation that pricked at every inch of his skin. An electricity that sparked from his eyes — But most of all, he felt a vast vacuousness inside. Where […]

Reflection of Perpetual Despondence

The two mirrors reflected his scarred, bloodied face endlessly. His arm was bleeding, too. Globules of crimson dripped onto the floor below — He could hear them. Drip. Drip. Drip … But no. That was merely the sink. The faucet hadn’t been turned off completely. He put his semi-automatic on the basin counter-top, and turned […]