jeweled dagger

he whispers in a glass sepulchre to her ebon silhouette, the figure of a lost lover dancing through cold mists in a forest of grave trees whose boughs hang bare for what use are leaves when no sun cares — in the star’s stead stands an eternal moon its ethereal sonata catches the ring embracing […]

Fictional Crash

The blood splattered across the windshield and the white paint of his four-door sedan — was it even real? When he peeled away the hair from her skull, it was moist, and it clung, and the crimson dripped to the pavement. He thought he could hear the blood as it touched down, but no, that […]

When does it end?

ashen rose from the burning tip of a lit cigarette; blunt prose of a smoldering poet in the throes of ego-death; acid trip; comedown to heroin: IV it; overdose, wake up in a hospital bed — wearied out, a blip in a hollow shell that burns like hell; struggle in your straitjacket, trapped — that’s […]