Shattered Fragment 0.2

Did I leave her or did she leave me? It’s the same either way. She didn’t show up. I waited for an hour, lighting one cigarette after another. But I didn’t really smoke them… I just stood there, holding those lit cigarettes, taking drags sparsely, until they burned themselves out and turned to ash. The […]

Deep Beneath The Rolling Waves

VERSE 1: deep beneath the melodies of gently rolling waves lie the truths that we do seek though we cannot reach bound within polymer chains of plastic tragedies are the hollow pains of those people who are weak CHORUS: and those who happen to break those shackling bonds can only sing though they know few […]

A Future Bright

once upon a future bright with nobody else in sight an empty dream with only me a stark enlightened reality no more occluding treachery nestled in veiled conspiracies; here at last the world was free from the ever-evolving tyranny of all the people’s miseries: of mankind and its humanity

Pills and Stars

pills allay heartaches hide them away like stars on a sunny day: but never gone are they descending upon night’s fall heeding dark’s call deceitful, twinkling charming, winking at our wearied pains and solemn sorrows aloof to mortal ways. To them, our lives are simple games — so why look we to the heavens and […]


what to do when you want to trade your freedom to become a slave? what to do when you want to trade your warm home for a cold grave? what to do when sanity seems insane; normality seems inane; when people become bags of blood and bone moving on their own instead of beings that […]

Little Tin Can(‘t)

cut open the tin over the sink in the kitchen juices drip down the drain you lick the lid cut your lip suck the wound draw salty crimson feeling stung tasting blood iron: the sweet makes the pain seem subdued but it never goes away No, it never goes away. You wanted it to stay, […]