my gross perfume how delicious to breathe its noxious fumes of tar and ash and pillowing plumes that rise and curl in evenings bright drifting in swirls towards heavenly light: fed by fire, fanned by breath how wonderful to be lost in its depth to watch its world be shorn apart by the slightest breeze […]

between the strings

— chorus (intro, pluck) feels like there’s something missing feels like I’m empty inside feels like I won’t ever find the notes to make me whole — verses (strum) I’ve been sober now for 23 hours only a lifetime to go I know you think that I can’t make it But here is proof that […]

dear darkness

darkness come please take away all the hurt that I have made by loving others and wanting love no more of this darkness my friend darkness please I invite thee to burn away all memories my one wish to have peace: be hollowed out in empty ease no room for love but space to hide […]

twilight reverie

lying on the couch one day closed my eyes and drifted away into reverie where the sweetest notes did play in my mind I could only see chords to play the melody all I knew was that I was waiting for that day to arrive woke up gently to the dark outside with haunting words […]