O God

O God, Thou art surely the Greatest; Bestowing upon me no need for any but memory of Thee, Is the greatest mercy I have received, And though by some standards deluded I may be, Rather I to live alone and empty by their gauges Than to be carried by the swift currents of their lecherous […]

Jack O’ Lantern

Insides feel Like cold wound steel Tensed across my neck; Teeth clenched tight To serve as pegs, Lower jaw the nut: The guitar of my soul Strummed by my heart While your eyes Reflect the blues inside Might be why They’re a lovely sight: But all my love Is an empty seed Husk where once […]

One and all

“A man needs only to love God, and in loving Him shall love all his fellow man.” Serathanos twirled the flower gently between his thumb and index finger, the petals blurring together into a wonderfully vivid display. Serrellious nodded quietly as he watched the sunset’s horizon, its marvelous hues and shades matching perfectly the twirling […]