himsnuffering liftlufflers

there is no silly code there is no single node no buttons to press no clothes to undress there are no silly questions to ask no futures to ponder no actions to regret no such thing as a broken flask; I pick up the phone to call you to realize there is no phone no […]

Tides of Fate

It is a statement. A value-less statement. And that’s the truth of it. What better way to make a statement than to stake the entirety of your livelihood and comfort of life? Sure, you may go unheard. People may not care. Your statement, in physical terms, has little worth or value. But at the end […]

Gingerbread Woman

She’s the Sweetest thing around She smells of Cinnamon Tastes like Peppermint And has the Sweetest Candy smile She’s my Gingerbread woman And she can’t Run away Cus I’m her Gingerbread man And we go running Hand in hand Screamin Can’t catch us We’re the gingerbread clan!

Terra Novena

6 | Yo siempre te amaré 9 | No puedo dejar de decirte 6 | Los tontos serán tontos 9 | No importa lo que us- ted dice 6 | She’s~ my supersonic 9 | Beau~~tiful and harmonic 6 | Completely symphonic 9 | Musical dream~~~~~ 6 | She might not ever even know 9 […]

diamonds in the rough

deep beneath the green veneer and rolling waves of seas lie hearts that used to love and care now seared and crushed by fear they are diamonds in the rough entombed by hot blood lavas not dead are they and still they beat though gentle, faint, and weak however worthless now we find with time […]