Stupid Questions

“Doesn’t any of it matter to you?” He shrugged. “The only thing that matters is…” He turned so his back was towards her. “Living with everything I’ve got until I die.” He started walking forward, glancing behind him to see if she was following. She stood rooted to her spot. He stopped, turning his face […]

Last Man Standing Concept

I have this idea for a story tentatively titled “Last Man Standing.” It’s about this loser who has no luck with girls and gets cryogenically frozen, not unlike Fry in Futurama. He wakes up in a technologically sophisticated future, but unlike in Futurama, this is a future where males no longer exist because they were […]

Soul Savior

out in the wilderness / lone wolves are howling all singing for their mistress the moon you’re far more / appealing and ethereal I’m mesmerized by the look in your eyes chorus: and the night slips down by darkened pines the distant mountains all twilight lined the landscape melds with the melting sky while our […]

Sonic Bliss

let them away to another day embracing things they adore while you stay in my arms mi amour your red reflection so fiery fine your lacquered skin so utterly mine let’s harmonize into the night til the first silver thread of light my knuckles sore from gripping you tight your neck moist with the sweat […]

I do

every note you hit in every measured beat gives mo men tum and every word you say whenever you speak is dis ar rayed perfectly you convey your discord with the world with a gaze fixated upon the future’s haze where you project infinite possibilities over one reality are you greedy? or just plain silly I couldn’t say just hope that you […]

music to my ears

back and forth burn through another one mental churn: when will I ev er learn? I’ve frightened off another bird with silent words that go unheard it’s too much to ask waste of time they don’t say anything still the silence speaks so I dis ap pear let’s bask in the blue dark like sharks turn up the volume and […]

is it stupid?

the cold of the morning frozen fingers still bending to shapes of chords in my head am I still alive? Nah. I must be dead. Pour alcohol on the wound add salt, lick like a milkshake, malted vanilla Completely virgin am I? Not alive I must still be dead. add cuts to the salad like pomegranate […]

self-pity (sirens to the hospital)

let the blood drip / down~ the drain the pain~ is what / keeps you sane leave~ the knife / by your bedside to comfort you~ / through the night chorus: and nobody’s there~ to hold~ you no one to tell~ you~ “it’s alright” everyone thinks~ you’re crazy~ and you think~ “they might be right” their words~ […]