Etude to Broken Hearts

Sombre etudes to broken beats Fading and growing, the patter of rain Warily decisive strokes and slices Through wind and water, thick and thin With mind, body, sword, and pen Moments eternal, fancy and whim, Oceans of emotion drown the soul within Still so strongly it breaks out The beat of a heart in a […]

Tides of Fate – Aside 2

“You’re doing terrible on all your exams…terrible. Don’t you study at all?” He wore his usual partially dazed expression and made no answer. “Well? You can’t hope to pass if you don’t study.” The man flipped through numerous papers, each streaked with red marks and circled low figures at the tops – 23%, 17%, 11%, […]

to disappear completely

in memory time disappears completely but where do we flee when we need to disappear completely? in time memory disappears completely replaced with bones dirt your tomb erodes to sand and all that’s left is a freeze broken shards rearrange build back up and entropy finds a way to bring you back to life from […]

Concept 0-5

Adrien walked up to the doorway of Alice Sterling’s office and gently knocked on her door. “Come in,” came her voice from inside. Adrien opened the door and stepped in, met with the warm fragrance of cinnamon. Alice Sterling sat at her desk, staring intently at her console with occasional glances towards her personal tablet […]

King of Beasts

distant ghoulish moaning of beasts that are roaming all seeking to survive and a better way to die upon a throne of bones amid fur, limbs, and wings man lords as the king of all the beastly things his demons walk freely roaming plains and peaks craving fresh slaughter: blood of all that is weak […]

Bittersweet Symphony

Half dark delusion Half still sane Mostly an illusion Reality of pain Sun to dusk to dark Watch light fade away Peel at the paper ark Too easily swayed Inevitably succumb The bitter price we pay To stay sweetly numb. Bittersweet symphony Of tears and zealotry Melancholy soliloquy Beat down by bigotry Chipped edge of steel […]


Sunny soliloquy For gray days and ashen skies Meteoric masterpiece The orange of a fireswept sunset Water-clad and melting fast The flakes of an early first-snow Warm and fragrant The earth upon a midsummer’s eve While gazing at clouds Lumbering in restful reverie Inviting the weary To join their slumbering parade. Let eyes half-close Listen for […]