May God Forgive

He sits there quiet, just sipping
Not a word spoken, just flipping
Through pages of gold and brown
Leaves angels left lyin’ ’round,

Her voice marks the distance ‘tween dawn and dusk;
The longing I have to watch the dust
Settle ever gently
Upon my grave

There’re no words to be said ’bout my poetry,
Its uselessness
Spent on hatred
Drinkin’ and thinkin’… I’m better off dead;

She said she might like to come join me
Some day
Upon an eve
Encrusted in… summer solstice;

My birthday comes ’round just at that time
But the only shine
On that golden day:
The glint of steel… as I take a knife

Of course I’m alone as it’s done,
The only words
Spoken then
“May God forgive… all my sins.”