Concept 0-2

It was interesting how the world’s roadways had evolved. Adrien stared upwards at the seemingly unending¬†spacetowers, a colloquialism given to the mega-rise structures that penetrated far past the clouds and the historical “skyscrapers” that ceased to exist beyond the 22nd century. Times had changed. Attitudes had changed. Despite the availability of magstreams and maglev cars, […]

Concept 0-1

The oceans. We all came from them. Maybe that’s why I love floating in the water so much. I wonder if our ancient ancestors, the ones we evolved from, I wonder if they stared at the sun — reached out for it. I wonder if that’s why they escaped from the water onto the land. […]

True Suicide

in darkness dreary, so tired and weary, weather-worn and cast-aside rock-like features and leather hide a beast in all but inside; his head so leaden, full of dread, decides ’tis time to die; no more living among the dead only to die on the inside. in twilight eerie, taut and teary, he sits with gun […]

Darkness Fruit

Darkness falls, darkness calls green apple trees resolve those stoutest souls still naive to grow, to blossom, to ripen and seed to try, to strive, to bleed for dreams. Come fall, their fruit afoot, quickly turns to pungent mash rotting, trampled, underfoot; scrounged by the forbidden caste but therein their seeds are sown forgotten beneath […]


that so wicked a thought ought, for its ephemeral part to lure me so surely atwixt nagging boughs overhanging thin twisted tendrils latching pulling passerby found matching catching lesser men and scratching those powerful few able to eschew the flowery fragrance and bosom’s view.